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Sometimes In My Head by meluseena
Sometimes In My Head
Mind like a labyrinth, filled with tricks and treats, mystery and peril - the dangers of thinking. 

This painting is in my inner strength series, and puts a visual to an anxious mind, where one's own circular thoughts and exaggerrated anxieties star as monsters and troubles for the inner self to ultimately face, or escape. But who does the minotaur tend to be in the end - and does one fight or reconcile?

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Relentless by meluseena
Even as sea monsters circled, and winds battered the splinters of her ship and waves rose to engulf her all that was left, she did not give up. She grasped, unflinching, from the wreckage of her ship, the very thunderbolt her enemy sought to use against her, and swung back to let it loose - lion-hearted, unyielding, relentless.
It's a great concept. But.

I stay disappointed with the way people approach digital storytelling... It's 2014, and some still view gimmicky power-point-like-transitions as some kind of big deal.

The truth is, they don't aid storytelling. They actually hamper it.

In any kind of storytelling that requires reader input/clicking/reaction, you need to give them all the power to progress the story (book, comic), or take it all away, (film). So with any reading form, transitions need to GO. They mess up the pacing in a silly way.

There's tonnes of ways to use digital medium to tell a story creatively. I invite anyone interested to go take a look at this truly eye-opening 'comic' that explains it all much better than I ever could.…

<--- He rocks.

Motion Books please take note.

PS. Totally using this medium myself to make another short like my 'She'. Look here if you haven't seen it!…:( (Sad) 
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Unicorn Kiss by meluseena
Unicorn Kiss
.. Often, in the twilight years of her old age, she would wake from dreams of wandering through the rose garden down by the edge of the orphanage where she spent her childhood. Dreams spent in quiet, joyful play with the strange and beautiful creature she once thought she'd spotted in the woods.

On waking, she would close once more her wrinkled eyes and try to picture the creature vivid in her dream a moment before, managing to briefly capture the white shadow in her minds eye, before the flood of the new day brushed away the dainty, glowing, dream.


Digital painting, photoshop cc :)
The Hounds Of Love by meluseena
The Hounds Of Love
She'd been simply minding her own business, living practically in isolation. Life had taken on a sleepy gray and sad hum-drumness. Then one evening , out of nowhere, the Hounds of Love came. They'd caught the scent of the loneliness she would never have admitted to, and began to hunt her. They chased her out of her house, her cosy but drab life, right into the mysterious twilight - and all the while she half pretended to run away. For appearance's sake you know..

Inspired of course by Kate Bush's same-named song... and my time in the Irish countyrside where I was hounded by love like you wouldn't believe! ;)

media: Adobe Photoshop CC


meluseena's Profile Picture
Lisa Falzon
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
I'm a fulltime freelance illustrator and run my own print brand Meluseena.
You can find most of the artwork I post to DeviantArt for sale on

I also write - My first book was published in 2009 by Merlin publishers, it's in maltese and called 'Xi Mkien Iehor'.
Now I write lots of micro-fiction. Here's my micro-fiction project, my 50-word story blog:

To separate my whimsy work from my comic work, I draw comics under the name DangerLabs. And what do you know, you can find some of DangerLabs here on DA

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indigoatmosphere Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Your artwork is beautiful and inspiring, keep creating! :) :heart:
VANJORMAN Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014
tu hiciste ilustraciones para el libro de Frida cierto?
Darth-Navis Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014
I'm using your wonderful Frida Khalo as my facebook profil pic (I mentionned your name and your DA), It was just to inform you :) Thanks for your amazing and poetic work ♥
meluseena Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Professional General Artist
<3 Thank you Darth :)
TomboBombo Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Love your wonderful, imaginative work!
Ketchup321 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014  Student General Artist
Please, my dear, make more of your pieces available as prints. I'll be one of your top buyers <3333
meluseena Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Professional General Artist
Hey dear Ketchup!
All of my pieces are available as prints here: :) 
Ketchup321 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank you so much! Gonna be so hard to pick which ones to get haha
Dorilana Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014
Lisa. This Dana from Etsy. I ordered your gorgeous 'Star Bear' print for my daughter last month.

I'm just excited to see you here on DA!  Not surprised... but excited! :D 

There is so much more on here than you sell on Etsy... *leaves to drool more over your work*. 

Take care! <3

meluseena Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014  Professional General Artist
Hello Dana!

You are right my Meluseena artwork for etsy is a little bit more of a specific style than what I do for fun/experience, there is loads more here.. and I have been on deviant art for almost ten years so there is a lot of ooooollld stuff too!!
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